Facility Need Review


Facility Need Review (FNR) is a process that specific provider types must complete prior to applying for initial licensure in the state of Louisiana.
Facility Need Review (FNR) - a review conducted for nursing facility beds (including skilled beds, IC-I and IC-II beds), intermediate care facility for the developmentally disabled beds, Home and Community Based Services (Supervised Independent Living, Personal Care Attendant Services and Respite), Adult Day Health Care facilities and Adult Residential Care units, and Behavioral Health Service providers (CPST and/or PSR) to determine whether there is a need for additional beds and/or providers to be licensed and/or to be enrolled to participate in the Medicaid Program.

Effective, July 6, 1990, Pursuant to La. RS 40:2116,the Louisiana Department of Health, in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act, has established a facility need review process consistent with the regulations for licensure for facilities and for Title XIX of the Social Security Act. The Louisiana Department of Health does not issue nor has a requirement for certificate of need (CON) for licensed health care entities.Facility Need Review Information (checklist):

  1. FNR Rule. Read the Facility Need Review Rule (LAC 48:1 Chapter 125) to understand the process and documentation needed for Facility Need Review: 
    • FNR Change of Ownership (CHOW)- click here
    • FNR Change of Location: click here
    • Supplemental Information Review Request
    • Administrative Appeals
    • Initial Applications:
  2. FNR Fee:
    • The $200 fee is non-refundable.
    • The check or money order must be accompanied by HSS Payment Transmittal form (not the FNR application below) on the HSS Payment Procedure website
    • Make payment out to: LDH (Louisiana Department of Health)
    • Mail payment to: LDH Licensing Fee, P.O. Box 734350, Dallas, TX 75373-4350
    • FNR Applicants who prefer to send express mail must do so by using either US Postal Services Priority Mail® or Priority Mail Express®.
  3. FNR Application:
  4. FNR Supporting Documentation. Refer to the Facility Need Review Rule to determine the documentation to submit with the FNR application. Failure to submit FNR payment and/or complete application packet (application and documentation) to its appropriate mailing address could delay processing. Any FNR application submitted without supporting documentation will not be processed until the supporting documentation is received by FNR. This could increase your timeframe to be considered for review.
  5. FNR Application Packet Delivery 
    1. Mail your FNR application and documentation to: Health Standards Section, P.O. Box 3767, Baton Rouge, LA 70821 OR
    2. Email your FNR application and documentation to: HSSFNRProgram@la.gov

Checking the Status of your FNR Application

Facility Need Review Reports  (LTC-1, LTC-2, MR-1, MR-2)

Frequently Asked Questions


Program Manager Contact Information
Dasiny S. Davis, MS/AJS: Dasiny.Davis@la.gov or

FNR Email: HSSFNRProgram@la.gov