For Patients - MMS

Welcome to the Medical Monitoring Station. Please see below for information specific to patients of the facility.

Please observe the following rules during your stay:

  1. For the safety of the community, no visitors are allowed in the facility at any time.
  2. No photos or video should be taken while in the facility to protect patient privacy and abide by strict federal patient confidentiality laws (e.g. HIPAA). 
  3. It is expected that patients will be respectful to the staff and other patient in the facility.
  4. Patients will remain in the facility until discharge criteria are met, unless it can be assured the patient can be safely transported to a location that will keep the patient isolated to prevent spread of the virus.

Patient Discharge Criteria:

  1. Resolution of fever >48 hours without use of fever-reducing medications
  2. Improvement in illness signs and symptoms (cough, SOB and oxygen requirement)
  3. Ability to take care for oneself or confirmed care coordinated for patient at discharge.
  4. Mitigated transmission risks:
    • 7 days since symptom onset and 3 days without symptoms OR
    • Ability to self-quarantine OR
    • Able to receive care by a person/place with access to personal protective equipment and safe care measures (or by someone already recovered from COVID-19)
    • Ability to adhere to home isolation instructions and risk of transmission to persons with immunocompromising conditions in the home

Medical Monitoring Station personnel will develop an individual discharge/ transfer plan for each patient depending on the specific circumstances of that patient and their ability to secure transportation.