COVID-19 Testing Sites


Most testing sites will be closed on Nov 26th and 27th for Thanksgiving.
Please call site for availability.


Where can I get tested?

The Louisiana Department of Health recommends COVID-19 testing for any patients who are experiencing symptoms such as fever, cough or shortness of breath. If you have these symptoms, contact your primary care physician for guidance. 

All testing is being done by clinical providers, clinics and in hospitals. If you believe you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, you should contact your primary care physician for guidance.

With the number of places provided COVID-19 tests increasing each week, people are having to wait longer for their results. Currently, some commercial labs that process the tests can take up to two weeks to report those results back to the patient.

The Department of Health does not get any test results, and we recommend that patients who get tested ask staff at the testing site when to expect results, and where to call to get those results. When getting tested, we recommend everyone ask for a phone number to call if you haven’t received your results within the timeframe you were given.

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What should I do while I wait for my test results? Can I go out in public and/or return to work?

The Department of Health strongly urges you to self-quarantine while you wait for your test result. Testing does not replace staying at home. If you believe you have been exposed to COVID-19, you should stay at your home and away from others, including your family if possible, for 14 days since the date of exposure.

How long after exposure should I get tested?

You should wait a few days from when you were exposed. This is because the time between when you are exposed and when your test would be positive can vary from 4-14 days. Therefore, even though someone may have the virus, the test would not be positive until possibly day 4 or longer.  If you have been a close contact of someone who is positive, consult with your doctor to see if they think you need to be tested and when.