COVID-19 Vaccination Information

The LDH Office of Public Health is coordinating the Louisiana vaccine distribution planning efforts, with input from stakeholders and key partners. Initial planning efforts began in the spring of 2020, building on years of experience with everyday vaccines as well as the distribution of H1N1 vaccine in 2009. A COVID-19 Vaccine Action Collaborative (VAC) has been assembled that includes representation from various key stakeholders from both private and public sectors. The Collaborative is utilizing CDC guidance and planning frameworks to prepare for the various aspects of the COVID-19 vaccination response, including communication plans, logistics and operations plans, and vaccine allocation and distribution plans.

The draft Louisiana COVID-19 Vaccination Playbook can be viewed by clicking here.

To view a U.S. Health and Human Services video called "Tell Me More About Vaccines" click here.

CDC Vaccine InformationCDC Vaccine Information

Below are other key updates on the COVID-19 vaccine:

  • COVID-19 vaccines are currently being developed and researched by several vaccine manufacturers. After manufacturer-led clinical trials are conducted and completed, the vaccine will then be tested for both effectiveness and safety by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA performs this role for all vaccines made available to the public.
  • Only until the FDA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) deem the COVID-19 vaccine as safe and effective, will COVID-19 vaccine be distributed to Louisiana vaccination providers for administration to residents.
  • The Louisiana Department of Health’s (LDH) Office of Public Health will follow the CDC's Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices (ACIP) to guide recommendations on which populations should be vaccinated with any of the COVID-19 vaccines that come on to the market after FDA approval.
  • If approved by FDA, the vaccine may be first available in limited quanitities in late 2020, and then in larger quantities in 2021.
  • A multi-platform communications and marketing plan is currently being developed that includes steps for conducting outreach to groups most affected by COVID-19 and continue efforts to ensure reaching the most vulnerable groups and underserves areas.
  • Public health officials will be reaching out proactively to vaccination sites to ensure that the infrastructure and systems are in place for populations to receive vaccinations as soon as they become available in Louisiana. 

Provider Updates:

11/21/2020: The CDC's Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit with updated COVID-19 vaccine stroage and handling information has been released - click here to view.

11/18/2020: Hospitals click here to view the November 18, 2020 memo on program enrollment, EHR/EMR system readiness, and other key steps.

11/10/2020: Click here to access information on enrolling as a CDC COVID-19 vaccine provider and submitting essential workforce information to the Louisiana Immunization Program.

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