The LDH Tracking Program includes the following exposure data:


Childhood Blood Lead Levels 

Dataset currently in progress to be added to the Health Data Portal May 2021.

Pesticide Exposures

A pesticide exposure occurs when humans come into contact with chemicals intended to control pests. Pesticide exposures can sometimes lead to pesticide poisonings.  Pesticide exposures may result from a single, short-term exposure to high levels of pesticides; a long-term exposure to high levels of pesticides; or a long-term exposure to low levels of pesticides. There are many different sources or ways people can be exposed to pesticides including pesticide residues in the air, water, soil, sediment, food materials, plants and animals. The most common exposure scenarios for pesticide-poisoning cases are accidental or suicidal poisonings, occupational exposure, bystander exposure to off-target drift, and the general public who are exposed through environmental contamination.