School-Based Testing Program

The Louisiana Department of Health offers all public and private schools on-site COVID-19 Testing.
There are three options to keep schools open and safe to prevent outbreaks this school year:

1. SHARED RESPONSIBILITYWe provide funding & supplies; your trained staff conducts rapid PCR testing on-site

Learn more about Option 1

2. LDH MAKES IT HAPPENWe contract to provide staffing, testing & funding for logistics & communications

Learn more about Option 2

3. WAIT & SEENo testing at this time, opt in later

While we don't recommend waiting, we're ready if you have an outbreak



We're here to help you decide! Questions can be sent to



Is it free? 

LDH provides free, low barrier COVID-19 testing to any school that is interested. There are no costs involved to the school, students or faculty.

Can my staff conduct the testing ourselves?

If your school chooses Option1, all testing materials are provided by LDH and your school staff will be trained. LDH will even reimburse staff associated costs.

Our school doesn't have anyone who can manage something like this. How can you help? 

For Option 2 schools, our contracted testing teams arrive with everything we need: staff, equipment, a site layout, and a safety plan. All you have to do is choose Option 2 and LDH will take care of the rest. 

My school has very specific needs and want to be in control of the plan. How customizable is this program? 

These options are designed to make testing easy and accessible to everyone. We plan each school site in partnership with the participating laboratory testing team located within the school’s LDH region.

Can private schools sign up? 

Yes! The program is free to all public and private school individually or within a school system. 

Who is providing the testing for Option 2?

LDH has contracted with testing vendors and labs in each region.