Baton Rouge – The Department of Health and Hospitals—Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities has established four OCDD Response Teams.  These teams will facilitate the handling of requests from people with disabilities, their families, providers, employees and the community.  This includes requests regarding ICF/MRs, waiver supports and services, and state-funded services.


OCDD is in the process of establishing a nationwide toll-free number for access to these teams.  Until that number is established, please contact the office at 225-342-0095.  This number will be staffed from 7

7 p.m. until further notice.  This includes weekends and the Labor Day holiday.


The teams established and their functions are as follows:


Location Team - This team will be working on locating people with developmental disabilities and their families who have been displaced.  They will be coordinating with Medicaid and other agencies to determine where people were located and will begin efforts to find out where they have relocated. 


Relocation Team - This team will handle requests and questions regarding relocation of people with developmental disabilities. This includes anyone who has been displaced and was receiving services or is in need of supports.  Some requests this team will field will be those regarding location of temporary, semi-permanent and permanent housing; relocation of other supports; and payment of relocated services.  They will also obtain information on any residential resources that are available both within and outside the state, looking at both public and private providers.


Employee Location/Relocation:  This team is tasked with locating employees who have been displaced.  They will work on the details of relocating offices and staff if necessary and resuming services for the affected areas. 


Donations of time, staff or money:  This team will field offers of donations of funds, staff or volunteers who would like to assist people with developmental disabilities. They will coordinate efforts with other agencies on the receipt and dissemination of these resources. 


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