Houma – The Terrebonne Mental Health Center, located at 500 Legion Ave., remains temporarily closed. Patients who are clients of this clinic and who have appointments now are being seen by doctors and nurses at the Terrebonne Addictive Disorders Clinic. This is located next door to the mental health clinic at 521 Legion Ave.


  • For questions about mental health services, please call 985-876-8882.


  • Adults with mental health emergencies may call the Crisis Line (24 hours) at 800-535-3694.


  • For children’s emergencies, the 24-hour Child and Adolescent Intervention Services can be reached at 800-655-1307.


The Terrebonne Mental Health Center currently is seeking an alternate site in which to resume all of its usual services. Please call 985-876-8882 at least two days before any appointments to determine where the services are currently being offered.