Baton Rouge – The Department of Health and Hospitals’ Office for Addictive Disorders is inviting people throughout the state to a series of community meetings that address the issue of addiction. The goal of the meetings is to design strategies to combat alcoholism and drug dependency.

In addition, the Office for Addictive Disorders, in partnership with HopeNetworks, is using the community meetings to plan for Recovery Month in September. According to Michael Duffy, assistant secretary for the Office for Addictive Disorders, his office hopes to reach out and involve people from the entire state.

"An important key to recovering from an addiction is to know that your are not alone," Duffy said. "Even though almost all families experience distress because of an addiction by a loved one, it is common to think that we are alone in dealing with such a problem. Recovery Month allows us to celebrate the fact that recovery is possible when people unite."

The community meetings are free and open to the public. They will focus on those who are recovering from alcohol and other drug addictions. Family members and individuals are encouraged to attend. The meetings also are intended to bring together local community leaders, civic and business leaders, educators and members of faith-based groups.

Attached is a complete listing of the community meetings. For additional information, go online at

Community Meetings Schedule

Tuesday, July 29, 10 a.m.
Wilkerson Hall
Grounds of Central LA State Hospital
Wednesday, July 23, 1 a.m.
Auditorium 2 and 3
302 Dulles Street
Baton Rouge
Thursday, August 7, 10 a.m.
Capitol Area Human Services District Office
4615 Government Street
Lake Charles
Tuesday, July 15, 1:30 p.m.
OAD Regional Office
2300 Broad Street
Tuesday, July 22, 10 a.m.
University Center, Room 133
Southeastern Louisiana University
Wednesday, July 30, 1 p.m.
Holiday Inn, Lafitte Room
1051 U.S. 165 By-Pass (I-20)
Monday, July 28, 2 p.m.
Assisi Bridge House
600 Bull Run Road
Schriever, LA
New Orleans
Thursday, July 24, 2 p.m.
Center for Addictive Disorders
2025 Canal Street
Jefferson Parish
Monday, July 14, Noon
Jefferson Addictive Disorders Clinic
3101 W. Napoleon Ave. Suite 2000
Friday, July 18, 10 a.m.
Pines Treatment Center
6240 Greenwood Road