The purpose of the Consumer Satisfaction Survey is to find out about the experiences of consumers receiving Medicaid Home and Community Based Services (HCBS). These programs provide services to support the elderly and adults with physical disabilities in the community.

The survey asks questions across many areas, including:

• Entry to services

• Service planning and delivery

• Health

• Safety

• People and social connections

• Work/day supports

• Housing

• Rights, responsibilities and risk

The surveys are conducted by an interviewer in the participant’s home or at an OAAS local office if the participant chooses not to have the interview in their home. All of the participants who might be interviewed will be mailed a postcard about the survey inviting them to participate. Interviewers then call participant to ask for permission to come into their homes to do the interview. The results of the survey are then entered into a data system and a final report is generated.