Version 3.0 of the MDS, implemented on October 1, 2010, improves the ability of Nursing facilities to assist residents that are interested in returning to the community. Section Q of the MDS is designed to give residents a voice, and increase communication and collaboration between providers of services. Residents are asked directly if they want to talk to someone about returning to the community. A "yes" response triggers a referral to a Local Contact Agency (LCA). Staff from the LCA will either call or visit the resident to talk about their options. 

The LCA staff will address:

  • Housing options
  • Availability of services to assist with the resident's medical and personal needs
  • Programs that may help to pay for services (e.g., Medicaid, Medicare,  Private Insurance)


Effective August 21, 2014, the OAAS Regional Offices will serve as the LCA.