The Louisiana Department of Health (DHH) Office of Public Health (OPH) considers the use of antiviral medications as one component of a comprehensive containment and treatment plan to assist in the control of an outbreak of a novel influenza virus. Medications will be used in compliance with international and national recommendations.

LDH OPH has a limited supply of antiviral medication in a state stockpile, referred to as State Antiviral Cache (SAC). This SAC is comprised of purchases made by Louisiana using general funds and purchases made using federal preparedness funds. Additional antiviral medications have been received as a component of the federal Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) for the State of Louisiana on a pro rata basis.

Since the allocated amount of antiviral medications is small compared to the State population, individuals and entities in need of antiviral medications are encouraged to obtain materials through normal channels in the marketplace as they would have prior to this response. The Centers for Disease Control issues the directive for the mission of stockpiles.