The Containment and Mitigation Annex directly addresses non-pharmaceutical intervention (NPI) strategies for an influenza pandemic in Louisiana. A variety of NPI have been used during past pandemics with varying degrees of success. Containment and mitigation strategies included in this Annex include isolation of ill individuals; self care / home care for ill individuals; policies and procedures for advising voluntary quarantine of household contacts to known or suspected cases, with monitoring; and social distancing practices within the school, workplace and community settings.

Specific containment and mitigation activities and the initiation and duration of interventions are expected to lessen the impact of an influenza pandemic on communities. Interventions will be implemented in Louisiana based on nation guidance as well as the effectiveness of these actions based on monitoring. Secondary and tertiary effects of mitigation interventions and public health recommendations by the Louisiana State Health Officer will be carefully considered and monitored during implementation. The duration of containment and mitigation actions will be based on medical and epidemiological intelligence, as well as experience within the unique State of Louisiana.