Under Section 1511 of ARRA, for ARRA funds made available to state or local governments for infrastructure investments, the governor, mayor, or other chief executive, as appropriate, must certify that the infrastructure investment has received the full review and vetting required by law and that the chief executive accepts responsibility that the infrastructure investment is an appropriate use of taxpayer dollars. Such certification should also include a description of the investment, the estimated total cost and the amount of covered funds to be used, and posted on a website and linked to the federal website established by section 1526 www.recovery.gov.

The attached ARRA Project List shows the borrowers, allocations, of ARRA funds, interest rates and project descriptions for those projects that have already been funded as well as those that have completed the loan process and are awaiting funding. The list also shows the amounts of ARRA monies as well as non-ARRA monies available to each project.