The Louisiana Office of Public Health’s Maternal and Child Health Program is pleased to share the results of the 2010 Title V Needs Assessment. The Assessment is a requirement of the Health Resources and Services Administration’s (HRSA) Maternal and Child Health Bureau and allows MCH stakeholders the opportunity to evaluate the needs of Louisiana’s women, infants and children.

Additional information may be gathered by contacting Tracy Hubbard at (225)-342-7805.

Please See the 2010 MCH Needs Assessment Report Below:


The 2010 Priority Needs include the following:

1.     Decrease infant mortality through reduction of preterm births in the African American population.


2.     Decrease intentional and unintentional injuries in the maternal, child, adolescent, and CYSHCN (children and youth with special healthcare needs) populations.


3.     Improve preconception and interconception health among Louisiana women.


4.     Reduce unintended pregnancies and reduce births spaced less than 24 months apart.


5.     Increase care coordination for CYSHCN and their families.


6.     Improve the nutritional health of the maternal and child population with a focus on obesity prevention and breastfeeding.


7.     Assure that strategies and methods in MCH and CYSHCN programs are culturally competent to reduce racial disparities.


8.     Improve oral health of MCH and CYSHCN population by increasing access to preventive measures and access to oral health care.


9.     Improve the behavioral health of the MCH and CYSHCN population through prevention, early intervention, screening, referral, and treatment, where appropriate.


10.  Increase preventive services for adolescents and transition services for youth with special health care needs.