For each of the last 10 years, Louisiana's Area Wide Optimization Program (AWOP) has collected and entered performance data into the Optimization Assessment Software (OAS) spreadsheet for each of Louisiana's 59 Community Surface Water Treatment Plants (SWTPs).  The list below contains the completed Fiscal Year (FY) 2008 (October 2007 through September 2008) OAS for each SWTP in order by Public Water System Identification Number (PWS ID No.).  The completed OAS for each SWTP has been compiled from turbidity data submitted by the plant via ETurb, OAS, and/or Monthly Operating Reports (MORs).  These completed FY08 OAS spreadsheets are also used to determine the system's performance ranking in AWOP's FY08 SWTP Ranking.  Please note that the optimization goals stressed in AWOP go above and beyond current regulations in an effort to ensure the safety of our drinking water.  Each SWTP is encouraged to participate in AWOP and compare themselves to the AWOP turbidity optimization goals using these spreadsheets.