Louisiana has advanced to 36th among states in Gallup Healthways' annual index tracking well-being nationwide. Louisiana was ranked 42nd in last year's index.  

Louisiana rose in all six indicators Gallup Healthways uses to measure well-being: life evaluation, emotional health, physical health, healthy behavior, work environment and basic access. Louisiana jumped from the fifth quintile of states to the fourth.

"These results confirm that Louisiana is on the rise," said Louisiana Department of Health Secretary Bruce D. Greenstein. "This is a reflection of a dedicated effort to improve every aspect of life in Louisiana - from our economy to education to health care. As we implement reforms like BAYOU HEALTH and the Louisiana Behavioral Health Partnership, I'm confident that we'll see this ranking and others continue to rise."

For the life evaluation indicator, which looks at how good respondents feel their current life situation is, and how well they expect to be doing in five years, Louisiana was ranked 11th. This places the State at the top of the second quintile nationwide for this measurement.

"We have a growing economy and a strong social support core. Our culture is rich and our people are resilient." Greenstein said. "Now we must focus on owning our own health and taking responsibility for improving our individual and community well-being. Let's keep getting better, together."

The Gallup Healthways Louisiana state report is available online. More information about this annual index is available at www.well-beingindex.com.