This RFI is issued by the Department of Health for the purpose of gathering information and costs for purchasing a complete time and attendance system with a functional web-based application and equipment offering flexible methods of recording and tracking time and attendance that is available 24/7/365 to provide for automated time reporting for its approximately 7,000 employees who work in approximately 1,100 buildings located throughout Louisiana. Note: The number of time clocks required for each facility is unknown. Therefore, we have listed the number of buildings above. Some buildings may require multiple time clocks whereas other buildings may not require a time clock at all. In the event that this project proceeds, the vendor may be required to perform an analysis to determine how many time clocks will be required. 

The main goal of the proposed project is to replace the current manual system in order to provide an accurate feed of time and leave requests directly into the Division of Administration's (DOA) LaGov ERP SAP payroll system allowing for accurate payroll calculations while eliminating the need for manual time entry that is labor-intensive and prone to human error. LDH currently uses ISIS-HR (a SAP application) for payroll. It is expected that ISIS-HR will be replaced in 2015 with the Division of Administration's LaGov ERP system, also a SAP application. When responding to this RFI, it is with the intent that the new application will integrate with the future LaGov ERP SAP system.

The Department welcomes all responses to this RFI which will be utilized to learn of potential interest, expertise, and the estimated cost of contracting for these services.