The Survey and Certification Group within CCSQ has a new name:  the Quality, Safety & Oversight Group (QSOG)!  The mission of survey and certification has always been to ensure the health and safety of everyone receiving care in Medicare-certified facilities.  However, our name didn’t reflect that central tenet of our work.  More importantly, our intention is to better reinforce that the Quality, Safety & Oversight Group is a driver of healthcare quality.  To accomplish that, we have to be proactive in demonstrating how our oversight ensures providers, suppliers and labs achieve and maintain compliance with Medicare health and safety requirements.  To that end, we have placed more information online as a resource for all of our stakeholders, including our Quality Certification and Oversight Reports website (, which provides summarized quality and safety oversight data, including results of on-site inspections of providers and suppliers.  We have also made all of our previously closed surveyor training materials public (, so everyone can access and understand our quality and safety expectations.

We’re excited to be a driver of quality, rather than simply a reflector, and this name change supplements that effort.