The Louisiana Department of Health’s Office of Behavioral Health has formed an advisory committee of stakeholders to assist in the development of a rating system for addiction treatment programs. Once complete, patients will be able to rate their providers and the ratings will be available publically giving patients another way to participate and make informed decisions about their care. 

In February, Louisiana joined a select group of five states to partner with Shatterproof to develop an addiction treatment program rating system. Shatterproof is a national nonprofit organization with a mission to help end addiction.    

During the 24-month pilot program, Louisiana’s Office of Behavioral Health will work with Shatterproof to align the rating system with ongoing initiatives in Louisiana. These include quality improvement efforts for addiction treatment that ensures use of best practices by behavioral health care providers.

Shatterproof and the Office of Behavioral Health will offer implementation plan updates to the committee.  Stakeholders will provide valued guidance from multiple perspectives on developing the rating system in Louisiana as it progresses through the pilot.

The stakeholder advisory committee consists of individual providers, provider organizations, advocates, and managed care entities. The Office of Behavioral Health welcomes more participation from interested parties.

Upon successful completion of the two-year pilot, sustained implementation will continue in the pilot states in addition to a phased expansion across the country. 

For more information on the Shatterproof Rating System and Louisiana’s partnership with the organization contact Ford Baker at or click here.