Louisiana Spirit, a program through the Department of Health – Office of Mental Health, is collaborating with the Louisiana Affordable Housing Management Association (LAHMA) to provide Stress Management programs for LAHMA’s membership at locations statewide during the month of June. Since Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, owners, managers and site maintenance employees have worked non-stop to accommodate their available housing resources to the post-hurricane housing needs of Louisiana residents.

LAHMA, a non-profit organization which was founded in 1989, is the state’s largest organization for owners and managers of multi-family affordable housing complexes across the state.

“We are thrilled to partner with Louisiana Spirit to offer the Stress Management Program to our membership,” said Ann Roeling, President of LAHMA. “We’ve been very impressed with all the work Louisiana Spirit has been doing in communities across the state. We know that the members of our organization will find this program to be helpful, and we want to help even more people to get the stress management services that they need,” Roeling continued.

The Stress Management programs will be held during LAHMA’s “Club Room Meetings” on the following dates:

June 7       Baton Rouge    Lake Sherwood Senior Living Center   4101 Plaza Tower Drive
June 14     Shreveport       Fox Creek Apartments                            1100 West 70th Street
June 21     Lafayette          French Colony Apartments                      315 Amesbury Drive
June 28     Monroe             Village North Apartments                         2703 Sterlington Road

Louisiana Spirit’s stress management services include group and individual sessions, training and coping techniques for managing stress and anxiety, anger management, coping with loss and grief, and other self-care techniques. Louisiana Spirit has stress managers statewide who will assist at the meetings.

John Daniel, Chief Quality Assurance Officer for Louisiana Spirit notes the importance of the partnership. “Our duty with Louisiana Spirit is to help individuals acquire the kinds of services that we will be providing to the LAHMA membership. We know that our services will be a great help to LAHMA and its affiliates,” Daniel said.

Louisiana Spirit, which began in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005, offers hurricane recovery counseling services free of charge throughout the state. Through its providers, the federally funded, state-operated program has made almost 2 million counseling contacts with Louisiana residents. In addition to individual counseling, Louisiana Spirit offers group counseling for first responders and specialized counseling for anyone affected by the hurricanes.

For more information, contact LAHMA at (504) 561-8418 or contact Pierre Washington, Public Information Officer for Louisiana Spirit, at (225) 219-5031 or (225) 219-5000, or visit Louisiana Spirit’s Web site, www.louisianaspirit.org.