SAGECare LGBT Cultural Competency Training Bronze Certification



We are proud to say that the Office of Aging and Adult Services has received a bronze-level credential from SAGE— the longest running organization dedicated to improve the life of LGBT older adults. To receive the bronze credential, more than 25% of the OAAS staff attended one or more trainings on how to better serve LGBT older adults in Louisiana. During trainings, staff learned about how to support LGBT older adults, LGBT caregivers, and some of the unique ways that aging can impact the LGBT population. This is the 4th year that OAAS has received this credential. OAAS looks forward to continuing to learn how to improve care for older LGBT Louisianans in 2021 and years to come.


Quick facts about LGBT older adults:

                                               •   America has a rapidly increasing number of LGBT older adults.

                                               •   LGBT people are more likely to be a caregiver for an older adult than non-LGBT people.

                                               •   Discriminatory attitudes and policies have contributed to LGBT older adults experiencing:

                                                    ∗   More social isolation;

                                                    ∗   More negative mental and physical health outcomes; and/or

                                                    ∗   Greater rates of poverty.


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