As outlined in §407 of the Policy & Procedure Manual, students must complete the criminal background affidavit to be enrolled as a student. While the didactic course component may begin while a student is waiting for full clearance, per §413.A.1 a STUDENT-AUTHORIZATION letter must have been received prior to performing any skills in the supervised clinical phase. This requirement is in place to protect the public.

If you have a student who has enrolled in your program and is awaiting clearance from the EMSCC, they are NOT PERMITTED to participate in any clinical experiences or ride alongs.

Please note that the EMS Certification Commission will reprimand programs, program directors and instructors which allow students to participate in clinical work prior to student license approval in the Bureau of EMS Information Management System. Actions by the Commission may include but are not limited to monetary fines, probation or possible revocation of an Emergency Medical Services license, instructor privileges or of the education program. 

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