The Department of Health has opened 10 adult acute care beds at New Orleans Adolescent Hospital, with 10 more beds to open in the coming weeks.  This is in addition to the 15 child and adolescent beds that reopened at the facility on June 7.

Hospital staff and patients had been forced to evacuate the facility because of Hurricane Katrina.  The return of these beds, in addition to 24 adult acute care beds at Southeast Louisiana Hospital in Mandeville, begins to address the need for acute care mental health services in the New Orleans area.  Nearly 100 acute care beds were lost with the closure of Charity Hospital in New Orleans.

“By making these beds available, we are bringing back vital mental health care to the city of New Orleans,” said LDH Secretary Dr. Fred Cerise.

The New Orleans Adolescent  Hospital provides fully integrated hospital and community-based mental health services for children and adolescents with serious emotional and behavioral problems.

“While the adult beds at New Orleans Adolescent Hospital are a temporary solution, they will begin to address the immediate need for services in the New Orleans area,” said LDH Office of Mental Health Medical Director Dr. Kathleen Crapanzano.

LDH has also established a Partner in Community Treatment team.  Team members assist  people discharged from acute care units to ensure they receive follow up services, which can help prevent relapse and hospitilization.

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