Updated High School EMS Guidance Released for 2022-2023 School Year

The revised manual will serve as the official guidance from the 2022-2023 school year and moving forward. This revised manual updates high school policy and serves to bring the guidance in line with recent changes to state statutes and policies.

The Bureau of EMS thanks the workgroup members who served to advise and recommend these updates. This guidance is the result of a collaborative effort among multiple stakeholders from across the state (e.g. instructors, district CTE directors, LDOE, Bureau of EMS).

A few of the updated policies include:

  • Instructional minutes requirements are defined in the guidance.
  • Formalized EMR as a prerequisite for an EMT course.
  • Provides for a ½ Carnegie unit “Summer School” EMR option.
  • Requires ERMT instructors to complete 10-hours of “precepted” clinical training every two years to relicense.
  • Clarifies allowable accommodations.
  • Identifies Louisiana R.S. §1141, requiring background checks for EMT applicants over the age of 18.
  • Updates clinical standards for EMT students to include portfolio and ride-time requirements.

This summer, Bureau of EMS Education Manager will present the policy manual and these updates at both Super Summer events at NEMSA in Lafayette. For both sessions, he will present on Monday morning. The SuperSummer Refresher is June 27-28. The Super Summer Initial course is July 11-15.

The Bureau of EMS thanks all of the high school EMS instructors for their steadfast work. The past few years have certainly tested educators, but they also have demonstrated the strong need that exists for qualified EMS personnel in the field. Not only have our high school programs grown in number, but also quality. That is due to their dedication and professionalism.

CLICK HERE for the High School EMS Program Manual (pdf)