Protocol Requirements for Employing Agencies: 

The purpose of this new policy is to ensure all EMS practitioners are operating under protocols that have been approved by their agency’s medical director in accordance with RS 40:1133.14 (2). It is intended for use by all agencies that are registered with the Louisiana Bureau of EMS, including educational programs.

The policy states:

All employing agencies must submit protocols, which have been approved by their medical director, to the Bureau of EMS by April 1, 2023. Medical director approval shall be denoted with the medical director’s signature and date of approval. Protocols must be uploaded into your agency’s IMS account at Agencies that fail to submit protocols by April 1, 2023, will be placed on inactive status. Employing agency applications will not be approved until protocols are submitted.

For stand-alone educational programs that are not authorized to provide patient care, including high school programs, you must upload a letter stating employees are not approved to provide patient care. This letter must be on agency letterhead, dated, and signed by the medical director. For education programs that are approved to provide patient care (e.g. non-transport fire departments, industry-based EMS, hospitals), refer to the section of the policy for “all other non-transporting agencies”.

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