LDH Tobacco Free Workplace Policy

The Department of Health enacted a tobacco-free workplace policy on April 9, 2012. Under this policy, the use of tobacco products is prohibited in or on the grounds of LDH-owned or leased buildings or facilities. This policy applies to all employees, grantees, contractors, visitors and anyone else at a LDH facility. While all state buildings are currently non-smoking workplaces, this policy makes LDH a leader as the first state agency in Louisiana to completely ban the use of any tobacco products. Through this policy, LDH can lead by example in encouraging all Louisiana residents to own their own health and make positive choices.

As per the policy, all buildings and facilities are required to post signs alerting those at their property to refrain from using tobacco products. Each property is responsible for having signs made and placing them in and around their facility or building. If you need assistance with placing signs at your LDH facility, please contact your Safety Officer.

The LDH Bureau of Media and Communications has developed a series of signs that should be used as a template for all tobacco-free signs at your property.

Tobacco Free Templates:

Resources to Help You Quit

The Louisiana Tobacco Control Program in the Office of Public Health has assistance available to help employees quit. The Louisiana Tobacco Quitline (1-800-QUIT-NOW) is a resource that offers personalized telephone counseling sessions for people trying to quit using tobacco products. The Louisiana Tobacco Quitline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to all Louisiana residents over age 13, but the number of coaching sessions offered may be limited and is based on certain qualifications, such as whether someone is pregnant or the type of health care coverage the person has. 

You can also visit www.QuitWithUsLA.org for additional cessation resources and tips offered by the Louisiana Tobacco Control Program.