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In early May, the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) and our five Medicaid health plans sent pink letters to every Medicaid household. We did this to confirm we have correct addresses on file for our members. We need your help to make sure all Medicaid members know, if they do not get a pink letter by the end of May, they need to update their contact information. 


It is imperative that Medicaid members keep their contact information up to date. Medicaid sends letters to members when it is time to renew or when they need more information from a member. If members do not respond to these requests, they run the risk of losing their healthcare coverage, even if they are still eligible.


We do not know when the federal COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE) will end, but when it does all Medicaid members must go through an eligibility review process. Some of these reviews can be completed using electronic databases, but many will require members to respond by mail. Please advise new applicants that they need to report any address or phone number changes to their health plan and Medicaid within 10 days of the change.




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News and Updates 

  • Emergency Medical Services Eligibility & Claims during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (July 30, 2021)
  • Online applications shall be submitted in the presence of the applicant.  If this is not possible, submit the paper 1A signed by the applicant.  The 1A should be submitted by fax using the RightFAX cover which requires the Trusted User to sign indicating adherence to Medicaid guidelines.    A BHSF Clearance may be necessary to justify submission of the paper application which requires additional processing.


Health Benefit Plan Coverage           

Benefit  Service Type Code Insurance Type
Active Coverage Health Benefit Plan Coverage Medicaid
Deductible Health Benefit Plan Coverage Medicaid
Deductible Health Benefit Plan Coverage Medicaid
Limitations Emergency Services Medicaid
Benefit Description Health Benefit Plan Coverage Medicaid
Active Coverage     Medicaid
Co-Insurance   Medicaid
Co-Payment    Medicaid



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