Initial Licensure- Emergency Medical Transportation Services (EMTS) 

Emergency Medical Transportation Service (EMTS) providers shall be licensed by the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH).  LDH is the only licensing authority for EMTS providers in the State.  It shall be unlawful to operate an EMTS without possessing a current, valid license issued by DHH.

A completed initial license application packet for an EMTS provider shall be submitted to, and approved by, LDH prior to an applicant providing emergency medical transportation services. 

An initial licensing packet includes the following:

  • Completed Emergency Medical Transportation Services licensure application; (Initial License Application)
  • Non-refundable licensing fee of $150 plus $75 per vehicle ambulance, sprint, or aircraft; ( Click here for Payment Procedure website)     
  • Written declaration of the service area and a map of the service area;
  • Attach copies of all pertinent municipal and parish licenses and permits including Certificates of Need if they apply;
  • List of all ambulance stations – include complete geographical address including zip code;
  • List of all drivers and certified or licensed personnel (EMT, RN/LPN), including registration or license number;
  • List name of medical director and that such director is a physician licensed to practice medicine by the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners;
  • List of all first responder drivers to include driver’s license numbers;
  • List of all vehicles: ambulance and sprint vehicles include VIN, make, year, model, type, license plate number, unit (fender) number;
  • Certificates of Insurance: Medical Malpractice, Automobile Liability, General Liability - We do not accept Louisiana Automobile Insurance Identification Cards;
  • Copy of current medical protocols signed by the physician/medical director accompanied by a cover letter from the appropriate parish or component medical society or societies for use in their service area.  An electronic copy may be submitted;
  • A copy of their standard operating procedures.  An electronic copy may be submitted;
  • A copy of the services current equipment and supply checklist;
  • Attach a copy of your current CLIA Waiver certificate, Louisiana CDS license, and United States Drug Enforcement Administration Controlled Substance registration;
  • Attach a copy of the Articles of Incorporation;
  • Attach a copy of the Act of Sale or other Act of Transfer;
  • Copy of the applicant’s criminal background check from the Louisiana State Police, and proof of United States or legal resident alien status from the United States Department of Homeland Security;
  • For air ambulance services only:  FAA Part 135 Certificate, FAA Aircraft Certificate of Registration*, FAA Certificate of Airworthiness*, FAA pilot’s license (for each pilot) (*denotes that one is required for each aircraft).


The applicant must be prepared to be operational for an initial inspection within 90 days after payment of the application fee.  If the applicant is unable to do so, the application will be closed.

Prior to the initial license being issued to the provider, an initial licensing inspection shall be conducted on-site at the ambulance provider to assure compliance with licensing standards and appropriate federal, state or local statutes, laws, ordinances, rules, and regulations.

Until the initial license is issued to the provider by the department, no patient shall be provided ambulance services.