Re-Licensure- Emergency Medical Transportation Services (EMTS)

An ambulance service must be renewed annually.  In order to renew a license, the EMTS provider shall submit a completed license renewal application packet to the department at least 30 days prior to the expiration of the existing current license.

The license renewal application packet shall include:

  1. A completed EMTS licensure application
  2. A non-refundable licensing fee of $100 plus $75 per vehicle ambulance, sprint, or aircraft (Payment Procedure)
  3. List of all drivers and certified or licensed personnel (EMT, RN/LPN), including registration or license number
  4. List of all ambulance stations – include complete geographical address including zip code
  5. List of all vehicles: ambulance and sprint vehicles include VIN, make, year, model, type, license plate number, unit (fender) number
  6. Certificates of Insurance: Medical Malpractice, Automobile Liability, General Liability- We do not accept Louisiana Automobile Insurance Identification Cards
  7. If there have been any changes in the medical protocols since the last renewal send an electronic copy of current medical protocols, signed by the physician/medical director and accompanied by a cover letter from the appropriate parish or component medical society or societies for use in t0heir service area.
  8. Send a current electronic copy of the standard operating procedures if there have been any changes since the last renewal
  9. For air ambulance services only:  FAA Part 135 Certificate, FAA Aircraft Certificate of Registration*, FAA Certificate of Airworthiness*, FAA pilot’s license (for each pilot) (*denotes that one is required for each aircraft).

Failure to submit to the department a completed license renewal application packet prior to the expiration of the current license will result in the voluntary non-renewal of the EMTS provider license.