EMTS Fleet Addition or Temporary Vehicle

Fleet Addition

All additions to your fleet (ground, air, or sprint), whether permanent or temporary must be reported to the department and “permitted” for use prior to the vehicle being used to run calls and transport patients. 

Submit the following:

  1. Completed HSS-ET-05 Request for Inspection Form
  2. Copy of the certificate of registration from the office of Motor Vehicles or the Federal Aviation Administration
  3. Proof of commercial automobile or aircraft liability insurance on the vehicle
  4. $75.00 per vehicle inspection fee and form from Payment Procedure website

Temporary Vehicles

Any vehicle borrowed, leased or rented by the service for less than 90 days shall not be subject to a vehicle inspection fee.  All vehicles shall be subject to compliance with the minimum licensing regulations for EMTS providers and are issued a temporary notice of approval for use.  The temporary approval shall be carried in the vehicle at all times.

Submit the following:

  1. Ambulance Attestation form