2012 Consumer Confidence Reports


EPA regulations require that all community water systems prepare and provide to their customers annual consumer confidence reports ("CCRs") on the quality of the water delivered by the systems.  Although it is the responsibility and duty of individual water systems to prepare and disseminate CCRs, LDH prepares and posts on this website draft versions of CCRs reflecting LDH's understanding of what contents should be contained therein pursuant to 40 C.F.R. 141.153 et seq..  The draft CCRs posted on this website are prepared by LDH only as a starting point and accommodation to the water systems in the state.  Individual water systems may dispute, amend, or delete provisions contained within the LDH-prepared drafts posted on this website.  Accordingly, consumers and water customers should contact individual water systems to view the actual disseminated versions of the CCRs.

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