The Louisiana Bureau of Minority Health Access and the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports is pleased to announce the return of Own Your Own Health (OYOH) Physical Activity and Nutrition Challenges starting January 24, 2020. Visit us at The program’s most notable Challenges will be:

  • City v City
  • Church v Church
  • Tribe v Tribe
  • Schools Challenge
  • Frat v Frat
  • Sorors v Sorors

 Also returning in 2020 is the Public Individual Participants Steps Challenge, Public Team Steps Challenge and the ever-popular Weight Loss Challenge for Individuals and Teams. If you want OYOH to setup a challenge for you- public or private- just contact us: or call us at 225-342-4886. You may reach us toll free at 1-866-562-9015 outside of Baton Rouge. 

About Own Your Own Health

Own Your Own Health (OYOH) is a physical activity and nutrition tracking program designed to help Louisianans combat obesity and its related chronic illnesses by taking small but effective steps to eat right and exercise often. OYOH encourages populations in Louisiana to develop healthy activity and eating habits. Last year, several other states joined in on the fun and excitement this program offers! Participants can earn points by achieving milestones in accumulated activity, lose weight through a healthy, appropriate diet and by increasing their fruit and vegetable consumption.

Participants will be able to track their daily/weekly exercise activities-from jogging and swimming to walking and mowing the lawn- online by entering these activities into their profile. The online tool automatically converts activities into "steps," which is how the program is measured.

The site also features specific information that encourages healthy eating and physical activity. With just a few clicks, participants can: 

  • Track daily fruit, vegetable and water intake
  • Calculates Body Mass Index
  • Track weight loss progress
  • Print healthy recipes
  • Send motivational e-cards

OYOH allows individuals and groups to create walking routes using Google Maps that log their distances and number of steps. These routes could be in nearby parks, on trails, around the participant's office or in his/her neighborhood.  OYOH has its own built-in evaluation component that shells out data through its on-line wellness coach to inform participants if the program is benefitting them or not. 

Own Your Own Health system has physical activity and healthy eating challenges designed around different themes. Pick the one that will be most interesting to your community, so they will be motivated to stick with it and keep going. These challenges are interactive, so they will be able to track their progress online and see how everyone else is doing. Participants will be able to take a challenge alone or with a team.

How It Works

Participants are encouraged to form groups of two or more people or they can participate as individual participants. Group and Individual participants can choose from one of the two challenges:

  • Steps Challenge
  • Weight Loss Challenge

 Captains will be selected for each group, and his/her responsibility is to: 

  • Motivate and encourage group members
  • Keep members updated regarding changes in the program when necessary
  • Disseminate motivational materials, share weekly nutrition and activity to members
  • Collect confidential team information such as the individual and team weight totals

Own Your Own Health groups may include mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles, grandparents, in-laws, cousins and nieces and nephews. Organizers will assist captains in forming community groups, boards and clubs offering a challenge to one another to walk the most miles, lose the most pounds, eat the most fruits and vegetables.  Recruiting groups in faith-based communities could make announcements at the beginning of the service or put information in the bulletin or newsletter.  Soliciting groups among the deaconesses, missionary committees or adult fellowship groups, the church staff vs. the choir would be an excellent way to motivate the congregation. Reaching out to other faith communities to form a friendly competition would garner support among the masses. There will be worksite groups, groups for seniors with competition between meals sites and/or senior centers in various communities.

Once groups are established, group captains must go online to the Own Your Own Health link to register their groups.  Captains will register first and must complete a profile that consists of: 

  • Establish Username
  • Choose Challenge(s) groups to participate   
  • Contact information
  • Height and weight for calculating BMI

 Once captains have registered and created their groups, members must sign up individually and complete the same profile as their captains. Then, members must click on the "Join Team" link, search for their group, click on the team, click Join and all their information will be automatically transferred to their group name account.  When all members are registered, everyone will have their own personalized page with a Dashboard.  It will be located on the bottom of the welcome page once users have logged into the site.

The user dashboard is a place for users to perform a variety of functions including:

  • Track Steps/activity
  • View rankings
  • Update weight and view your ideal weight range
  • View today's calories
  • View BMI
  • View progress of all the groups and much more

 Groups that registered for the Steps Challenge must go to the OYOH site and enter totals as often as they like. On the dashboard participants can enter their step totals in the automatic Activity Tracker. If using a pedometer, team members at the end of the day can enter those totals into the automated Activity Tracker, and the system will automatically convert their steps into miles. Team members that do not have pedometers can choose the Activity drop down menu and choose from 120 different activities. 

Participants can choose an activity on the menu and enter the number of minutes it took to complete the activity and the system will automatically convert the minutes and activity into steps and miles.  Groups that take part in the Weight Loss potion of the program must enter their weight at the end of each week. Their individual weight totals will count toward the overall team total, and participants will be able to see their average weight loss or gain on the OYOH site. Totals for the weight loss portion of the program may also be entered in the Dashboard.

Choose a Challenge:

Healthy Workplace Challenge is an exciting "Get Fit Crime Mystery Challenge," where participants earn miles equal to a race around London searching for clues to solve a case.

Family Challenge is designed to incorporate one activity with your family from the family challenge list and track its progress. Families can choose from an indoor, outdoor and/or social activity.

Fit Schools Challenge allows kids to track their miles as a race charting legendary explorers Lewis and Clark's trip to the Pacific and back!

Weight Loss Challenge Allows you to watch yourself virtually fly over the horizon in a hot air balloon as you track your fruits and veggie intake, shed pounds and get lighter by the week. This challenge encourages healthy, sustainable weight loss (one to two pounds per week).

To earn points, teams or individuals enter their steps if using a pedometer, or enter the amount of time it takes them to complete activities. Teams' progress is constantly updated and can be viewed by clicking on 'Challenge Progress' then scrolling to the bottom of the page and seeing the rankings. Team captains and individual participants can report their totals via the website or can send an email to:

Own Your Own Health Physical Activity and Nutrition Challenge formed a partnership with Core Health Technologies, Inc. and created the Core Health app to help you track your steps, weight loss, nutrition and more!