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Eat Safe Louisiana | Health Code Reminder of the Month

When Louisiana's health inspectors visit restaurants, they check for important food safety practices that protect customers. If a critical item is out of compliance, it is considered a critical violation. This series will present a different critical item each month along with acceptable ways to prevent and correct it for those in the retail food industry.

Keep Surfaces Clean
Keep Food Covered
Keep Raw Foods Separated
Storing Raw Meat and Eggs

October - Food Permits

In the food industry, businesses can receive a critical health code violation selling food that was prepared in a non-permitted facility. Permits help ensure that the facilities providing food for public consumption meet health standards.

Restaurants that do not follow this standard will be given a citation according to the following standard:

Chapter 11. Food Supplies 1103*1103- Food was prepared in a non-permitted facility.

Example of this violation:  Hamburgers prepared in a private residence were brought to a restaurant for sale to guests.

Why is this unsafe?

  • Kitchens in private homes do not meet the proper standards to ensure safe food for public consumption.
  • Food that was prepared in non-permitted facilities was not inspected by the department of health therefore may have been held or prepared under improper conditions making it unsafe to eat.

The purpose of permitting food preparations sites is to ensure that the establishment has been inspected by the Department of Health and Hospitals, entered into the Department's inventory and to placing the establishment on a systematic inspection schedule.

The act of permitting an establishment includes but limited to:

  • Reviewing the plans or layout of the establishment; checking for proper equipment for cooking and cooling of foods, toilet rooms, hand-washing stations locations
  • The materials used in the food preparation and storage areas, such as counter tops, refrigeration, storage shelves, etc. to be sure it is smooth, easily cleanable and food grade.
  • Ensuring that a food safety certificate has been obtained.

SolutionCheck with food suppliers to make sure they are permitted before doing business with them. Continue to check back with them on a regular basis throughout your business relationship as permits are only valid for 12 months and can be revoked or suspended at any time for violations of the sanitary code.. Food prepared in non-permitted facilities should be discarded and never sold or served.

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