POPS Request for Proposal

Procurement Library/Resources Available to Proposer

1)  HSS Programs

a)  List of Program Types licensed by HSS and/or certified by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) - all managed by HSS in POPS

b)  Program Internet Home Pages - List of Programs;  home pages provide definitions, rules, contact information, licensing requirements, etc.:

2)  HSS Program Fee Schedule (listing of HSS programs & fees for licensing processes):

3)  POPS Overview:

4)  POPS (LALIC) Data Dictionary - (22 pages, PDF format)

    POPS Business Rules-Logic (Incomplete)

5)  POPS (LALIC) Schema - (1 page, PDF format)

6)  ASPEN Data Dictionary

7)  Parish List for LDH Administrative Region and HSS Field Office Assignment – used in script for assigning region and field office codes

8)  HSS Data Legend – Excel file with 7 worksheets; accompanies POPS data reports

1.       Report Column Header Definitions

2.       Program Code

3.       Type Facility

4.       Type License

5.       Type Owner

6.       LDH Region

7.       HSS Field Office

9)  POPS User Guides (zipped file):

1.       Introduction to POPS for State Office Users

2.       Initial License Application Procedure

3.       How to Process CHOW

4.       How to Process a Change of Address

5.       How to Add an Offsite

6.       How to Close a Facility or Offsite

7.       How to Add Key Personnel

8.       How to Process a Refund

9.       How to View Payments

10.   How to Generate Bulk Renewal Letters

11.   POPS Check Log User Guide

12.   How to Reconcile a Billing Record

13.   Billing – How to Verify, Add, Save Charges & Payments

14.   Link Initial Payments

15.   Link Unassigned Payments

16.   Delete Billing ID

17.   Delete Billing ID Request Procedure

18.   Print

a.       License

b.       Offsite License if More than One Offsite

19.   Rural Health Clinic Training

20.   POPS User Guide for Read Only Users

21.   Reports

a.       How to Create Ad Hoc Report

b.       How to Create Data Report

c.        How to Create Vehicle Report

22.   Terms & Abbreviations

10)  Receivables Edge Process for HSS Staff