Ebola Preparedness in Louisiana

First and foremost, there are no known cases of Ebola in Louisiana. However, if there ever was a case in our state, Louisiana is prepared. For the last several weeks, we've been working to ready Louisiana's public health and medical infrastructure, including procedures for emergency medical workers, hospital physicians and regional emergency response coordinators. While we certainly hope that we never have an Ebola case in Louisiana, we are committed to ensuring that our health care system and our emergency responders are prepared.

Information for U.S. Healthcare Workers - CDC


  • LDH is leading and participating in preparedness exercises with response partners across the state for Ebola preparedness.
  • Distribution of information to health care providers in the state including criteria for suspecting Ebola, how to report suspected cases, how to consult with LDH or seek lab testing, and necessary precautions to be taken.
  • LDH recently updated its routine hospital bed availability survey to capture information regarding infectious disease treatment capabilities and ensure proper facilities are ready should a case present in Louisiana.
  • LDH is meeting with EMS and hospital regional coordinators around the state to specifically discuss plans for responding to a potential Ebola case.

For general questions about Ebola, email the Louisiana Department of Health at Ebola@la.gov or call 1-855-LA-EBOLA (855-523-2652).