Bayou Health Evaluation Score Sheets - 2014

The following information is listed for historical purposes only. It will not be updated.

LDH used a consensus scoring process to extensively evaluate all proposals. Eight teams separately reviewed each proposal to examine a specific aspect of that proposer's ability to provide services for Medicaid recipients:

  • Team 1: Financial Requirements
  • Team 2: Qualifications and Experience; Organizational Structure; Program Integrity
  • Team 3: Provider Network and Development; Provider Management; Non-Emergency Medical Transportation; Added Value to Providers
  • Team 4: Member Assessment and Care Coordination; Coordination of Carved out Services; Case Management; Member Transition; EPSDT; Utilization Management; Chronic Care Management; Added Value to Employees
  • Team 5: Pharmacy
  • Team 6: Customer Service; Member Grievances and Appeals; Marketing and Member Education Materials
  • Team 7: Quality Management; Added Value to Members
  • Team 8: Information Systems; Claims Management

The teams met independently to score their specific areas, and then LDH contract support staff combined the eight teams' scores to determine each proposal's total score.