The Challenge

Report in Response to Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 39

LDH ADHD Task Force Report

ADHD statistics

The Legislature of Louisiana finds that ensuring the proper utilization of ADHD medication is an important public health priority for the state and has asked the Louisiana Department of Health to study the most effective means to ensure the proper utilization of ADHD medications in Louisiana and to report findings to the Senate Committee on Health and Welfare and the House Committee on Health and Welfare. In conducting the study, the department may engage, collaborate with, and obtain information and perspective from stakeholder groups with an interest in the proper utilization of ADHD medications.

Louisiana versus the nation


The Use of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) medications among Americans rose 35.5% from 2008-2012. The number of young adults ages 26-34 taking medications for ADHD has nearly doubled nationwide from 340,000 in 2008 to 640,000 in 2012.


Louisiana has the second highest proportion of residents in the country on an ADHD medication at 4.7% for the population as a whole. 13.6% of boys ages 12-18 are on an ADHD medication. Louisiana has the highest number of older girls and young women on ADHD treatments on the country, with 7.8% of girls ages 12-18 and 8% of women ages 19-25 on an ADHD medication.

The Research