Provider Online Processing System (POPS)POPS is an automated, web-based program that will allow providers who are licensed, certified or surveyed by Health Standards Section (HSS) to perform the following business transactions online:

  • Initial License Application
  • License Renewal
  • Add or Decrease Beds or Units
  • Add or Decrease Branches or Offsites
  • Change of Address
  • Key Personnel Change Notification
  • Change of Name
  • Change of Ownership
  • Fee Payment

Accessing POPS
The POPS website will be accessible from any Internet browser, but a username & password will be required to conduct licensing transactions online.

Health Standards Section will start transitioning providers into POPS in 2015. The transition will take approximately six months. Providers will receive notification via fax or email with instructions for obtaining access to POPS.

Once POPS  is implemented, providers will be encouraged to utilize the new system. There is no penalty for providers who elect not to use POPS.

Benefits include:

  • Faster turnaround for processing routine requests including:
  • initial license applications
  • license renewals
  • bed or unit increase or decrease
  • name, address, or ownership changes
  • Ability to upload required documentation if in electronic format
  • Reduce redundancy; your information is already on file, no need to re-enter information!
  • Pay licensing fees online using MasterCard, VISA or electronic check
  • Review your facility's information online anytime
  • Automated email notification for routine licensing processes; such as license renewal
  • Print applications and renewals for your records

For more information on POPS, please contact Cathy Brunson at