Online Tracking Incident System for Nursing Homes and ICF/DDs

Please note:  The "down" arrow previously located next to the OTIS Incident ID number has been permanently removed.  To retrieve previously submitted reports, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on OTIS Facility - Client Reports.  Log in using your OTIS credentials.


OTIS is a web-based application the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) developed in April 2003. It provides state agencies, health care providers, and Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) support coordinators an online method for submitting state and federally required reports of alleged neglect, abuse, injuries of unknown origin, misappropriation of client property and critical incidents.

All Nursing Homes and ICF/DDs in the state of Louisiana are required by law to submit all reported allegations of Physical, Emotional, or Sexual Abuse, Caregiver Neglect, &/or Misappropriation of Resident Property in the OTIS system.


Injuries of Unknown Origin - are defined as those injuries which meet the following two conditions:

  • the source of the injury was not observed by any person, or, the source of the injury could not be explained by the resident AND
  • the injury is suspicious because of the extent of the injury or the location of the injury (e.g., the injury is located in an area not generally vulnerable to trauma), or the number of injuries observed at one particular point in time, or the incidence of injuries over time.

    All injuries of unknown origin not meeting the two conditions noted above are required to be investigated by the facility and documentation of their investigation is maintained in the facility.


If you are not reporting to Health Standards Section, select the appropriate agency below to access their OTIS informational page:

Office of Aging and Adult Services (OAAS)

Office of Citizens with Developmental Disabilities (OCDD) 

OTIS for Law Enforcement Agencies






OTIS Access:

OTIS Production Web Site - Click here to enter actual incidents in OTIS

OTIS Production Site Status - Functional


OTIS Facility - Client Reports:  view previously submitted reports for your facility; use same username and password as used to enter an OTIS incident


Privacy Notification: Information provided in OTIS reports may contain Protected Health Information (PHI), Individually Identifiable Health Information (IIHI) and other confidential information which is protected by law. This information is intended for the use of the authorized recipient only, and may not be viewed or used by anyone other than those who are authorized. Copying, dissemination, or distribution of this information is strictly prohibited. If you obtained this information/documentation erroneously, please destroy any and all copies.  If you are not the intended recipient and /or have received this information/documentation in error, destroy the contents by permanently deleting any and all electronic copies and any and all hard copies regardless of where they are maintained or stored.


Contact Information:
Nursing Home Program
Passwords & Support Requests: 
Michelle Lewis, Program Manager, 225-342-7715,
Fax: 225-342-5073

ICF/DD Program
Hank Choate, Program Manager, 225-342-0253,
Passwords - Jared Robinson, 225-342-9406,
Fax: 225-342-0157