The Statewide Incident Management System (SIMS) is a web-based critical incident reporting application for the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH). SIMS provides state agencies, health care providers, and Home & Community Based Services (HCBS) support coordinators an online method for submitting state and federally required reports of alleged neglect, abuse, injuries of unknown origin, misappropriation of client property and critical incidents.

This new critical incident system will allow providers serving LDH’s waiver participants better access to and sharing of important health and safety information that is critical to safeguarding our participants’ health and well-being in the community.



Enrollment for SIMS

To Sign up for SIMS account access for Direct Service Providers and Support Coordination Agencies

 1. Complete, sign, and scan the SIMS User Agreement Form

  • You will have to attach the completed SIMS User Agreement Form to the Google Enrollment form to complete sign up.
  • You will not receive a SIMS user name and password if you do not attach the attestation file at the end of SIMS New User Sign

 2. SIMS New User Signup

  • Instructions to complete the SIMS New User Signup
Do not attempt to change or reset your own password. If you are having issues with logging in, or with first time log in, please contact the Office of Technology Services (OTS) helpdesk at 225-219-6900 (Press option 1 for password reset, then option 1 in the second menu, to be directed to an OTS person. You may be placed in a queue of callers; this is the ONLY way to reset your SIMS password, for security reasons.


Email: with any questions.


Security and Password Assignment

  • Each person that enters incidents into SIMS must have a unique username and password. It is a violation of HIPAA policy to login to SIMS under another person’s username.
    • Your username for SIMS is dhh\username. The password is case sensitive.
  • Password Rules
    • New passwords must be six characters + include 1 numeric character. Passwords must not include special characters.
    • Passwords expire every 90 days. Upon login users are prompted to change passwords.
    • Users cannot reuse the last 3 passwords.
    • Lock out will occur after 3 incorrect passwords attempts.
    • User accounts will be automatically disabled after 180 days of inactivity.
  • It is the responsibility of each SCA or DSP to immediately notify the appropriate Human Services District/Authority or Regional Office of all newly hired and separated employees.