LINKS - Immunization Information System

LINKS is a secure statewide immunization information system that allows doctors, nurses, and other health professionals to search for, add, and edit patients' vaccination records in a central location. LINKS does the following:

  • Provides patients with a permanent immunization record to help reduce unnecessary immunizations and saves time when patients are requesting vaccination records.
  • Serves as a clinical decision tool by instantly calculating which vaccines need to be given to patients in accordance with the latest ACIP vaccine recommendations and intervals. 
  • Serves as a vaccine supply management tool to account for costly VFC supplied vaccine.
  • When requested, it automatically generates reminder and recall postcards and/or mailing labels to send out to parents to remind them when their child’s immunizations are due or have been missed.
  • Decreases time spent by your office staff seeking immunization histories from previous providers. Lists can also be generated to expedite school enrollment and eliminate individual calls from school personnel. 
  • Protects the privacy of all users, including children, families, and providers. Only those who are authorized to do so have access to LINKS information. 
  • Allows clinics to achieve their Meaningful Use goals and incentives.

To enroll in LINKS contact the LINKS user services representative in your region:

Metro Region 1: Amanda Melancon, 504-599-0128,

Capitol Region 2: Cindy Aydell, 225-342-2046,

Region 3: Laurie Lapeyrouse, 985-447-0916 Ext. 350,

Acadian Region 4: Allen Franks, 337-262-5620,

Southwest Region 5: Shonna McCarthy-Lewis, 337-475-3245,

Central Region 6: Lavillian Jordan, 318-487-5264,

Northwest Region 7: Tara J.  Black, 318-676-7926,

Northeast Region 8: Joy Jordan, 318-361-7217, 

Region 9: VACANT, 985-543-4857


Region Map