Required vaccinations to attend Louisiana schools

 [1] Requirements are in accordance with Louisiana Revised Statute 17:170 and Louisiana Administrative Code, Title 51, Section I-701.

[2] Entry requirement exception for students who are four years of age when entering kindergarten at start of school year: To attend kindergarten in Louisiana, students must be five years old by September 30 each school year. Therefore, there are instances where a student is still four years old when entering kindergarten. In these instances, the four-year-old student may be admitted into kindergarten so long as a parent/guardian presents a record indicating that the student is in progress of receiving the required vaccinations. In these instances, follow-up from school staff must be provided for compliance with the above requirements.

[3] Those students who received their fourth dose of DTaP at age four or older do not need a fifth dose on record.

[4] Those students who received their third dose of IPV at age 4 or older do not need a fourth dose on record.

Note: Students can participate in school without the required immunizations listed above if either of the following are presented: 1) a written statement from a physician stating that the procedure is contraindicated for medical reasons; or 2) written dissent from the parent/guardian.

For a PDF copy of the requirements, click HERE.