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Sickle Cell Disease Program

The sickle cell trait is inherited from one’s parents, like hair or eye color. If one parent has the sickle cell trait, there is a 1 in 2 chance their child will inherit the trait. People with sickle cell disease do not have any normal hemoglobin and their red blood cells sickle instead of keeping their round shape.This sickling causes the red blood vessels to cause pain, organ injury and other problems.  

Each year, approximately 80 infants are born with Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) in Louisiana. In the past, the life expectancy for patients living with SCD was not much past the twenties. However, with improved diagnosis and treatment, life expectancy has greatly improved and people with SCD can live longer, better quality lives with the proper resources. Today, about 3,000 Louisiana children and adults are living with SCD. 

The Sickle Cell Program works to help diagnose and treat sickle cell disease in babies as early as possible. They connect people diagnosed with sickle cell to resources, medical care and other services through the Sickle Cell Foundations and Clinics around the state. This program also oversees the Louisiana Sickle Cell Commission, which is mandated by Act 117 (SB57) of the Louisiana State Legislature.

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Resource for Healthcare Providers

The Louisiana Standard for Care of Patients with Sickle Cell Disease serves as a best practices guide for treating patients with sickle cell disease. It was developed by Renee Gardner, MD, a pediatric hematologist with LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans and the Louisiana Sickle Cell Commission. 


Resources for Patients and Families

We provide resources and information for people diagnosed with sickle cell on how to receive assistance and care through the Sickle Cell Foundations and Clinics around the state. Contact the Genetic Diseases Program for the foundation and clinic in your region for help.


Hemophilia Program

The Hemophilia program works to ensure that patients with hemophilia receive quality medical care that is not compromised by the high financial burden associated with this disease. 

Patients in this program can receive services through the Office of Public Health Pharmacy Services Program.

Louisiana Comprehensive Hemophilia Care Center is a partner in this program.

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Kathleen M. Kozar