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The Louisiana Department of Health aims to support Louisiana schools by providing COVID-19 testing options at no cost to any school in the state with the shared goal to keep schools open and prevent outbreaks of COVID-19. Routine testing is available to anyone on the school campus: students, teachers and staff. LDH has designed a participant incentive program that will encourage routine participation throughout the Fall 2022 School Year to the Spring 2023 School Year. LDH provides participating school districts with financial support to help schools implement the following routine testing options:

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    LDH provides $30k in staff funding, rapid molecular testing materials and training for a school staff person to run a routine COVID-19 testing program in their school.

    School COVID Coordinator Role Description Option 1
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    The “LDH Makes it Happen” PCR testing service allows schools to partner with LDH vendors who will provide the end-to-end testing program for the school. LDH will fund the testing program and provide $14.5k in staff time reimbursements associated with the logistical needs to help coordinate this program.

    School COVID Coordinator Role Description Option 2
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    WAIT & SEE

    Schools can choose to opt-out of routine testing and call upon LDH if there is an outbreak.

    While we don't recommend waiting, we're ready if you have an outbreak

    If a district or school chooses to opt-out of routine testing and later chooses to participate, there is a 30-day start-up period to begin the testing program.

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    I would like to have my students tested, but I don’t want to sign up for the LDH program, is that another option? Click here for more information.

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    Can my staff conduct the testing ourselves?

    If your school chooses Option 1, all testing materials are provided by LDH and your school staff will be trained. LDH will even reimburse staff associated costs.

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    Our school doesn't have anyone who can manage something like this. How can you help? 

    For Option 2 schools, our contracted testing teams will provide the staff and required equipment, and will meet with each school before testing begins to determine the best and safest site layout.

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    How customizable is this program?

    Each option is designed to make testing easy and accessible to everyone. With Option 2, we plan each school site in partnership with the participating laboratory testing team located within the school’s LDH region.

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    Which schools are eligible?

    The program is free to public, private and charter schools, individually or within a school system

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    Who is providing the testing for Option 2?

    LDH has contracted qualified and experienced laboratories throughout the state to assist in our program.

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    What should I do if I want my child to be tested in settings outside of the school?

    The Office of Public Health also offers COVID-19 testing in parish health units in every parish. You can call the COVID-19 hotline at 855-453-0774 for more information on these locations and contact information.

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    What guidance is LDH giving school leaders?