What is not a Hospital?

This term hospital does not include the following:

  • physicians' offices, clinics or programs where patients are not kept as bed patients for 24 hours or more;
  • nursing homes providing intermediate and/or skilled care as defined by and regulated under the provisions of R.S. 40:2009-2009.23;
  • persons, schools, institutions or organizations engaged in the care and treatment of the mentally retarded and which are required to be licensed by the provisions of R.S. 28:421-427; R.S. 28:562 through R.S. 28:566
  • hospitalization or care facilities maintained by the state at any of its penal or correctional institutions;
  • hospitalization or care facilities maintained by the federal government or agencies thereof;
  • infirmaries or clinics maintained solely by any college or university exclusively for treatment of faculty, students and employees.

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