Health Promotion Team


MISSION: Connecting Louisiana Communities to a Healthy Future

CORE VALUES: Resourceful & Innovative Approach * Supportive Team Environment * Integrity & Responsibility * Respect for Diversity & Cultural Competence * Collaborative & Integrated work

VISION: As the Health Promotion team in Louisiana, we have become the leaders and experts in health promotion. We have created a statewide community-based network that promotes health in all places and spaces, connecting people to the resources that will make healthy living easily accessible to each and every person. We deal not in superficial successes but instead in fundamental change. We work tirelessly to combat the root causes of preventable chronic disease through innovative solutions. We have identified and eradicated institutional barriers to living long lives of quality. We have taught our residents not to deny our Louisiana culture, but instead they are empowered to take control of their health. Our team is prized among state agencies; people fight to work for us and with us. We have created a better Louisiana by making the healthy choice the easy choice



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