Bureau of Media & Communications (BMAC)

The Department's External Relations efforts are led by the Bureau of Media and Communications (BMAC) and the Governmental Relations & Community Partnerships section of the Office of the Secretary.

The Bureau of Media & Communications coordinates the Department's public information efforts. BMAC maintains the Department's brand through all of its public communication channels including its website and published content. BMAC also serves the Department by working closely with traditional news media outlets to promote news and messages that address the health and safety of Louisiana residents.

For more information from the Office of the Secretary, please visit the Secretary's newsroom.

For more information from the Department of Health, please visit LDH's newsroom.

Public records requests may be submitted to Deanna Wallace, Communications Director, and public records custodian by visiting https://ldh.la.gov/PublicRecords.


Fax: 225.342.3738

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Deanna Wallace, Communications DirectorEmail: deanna.wallace@la.gov
Office: 225.342.7913

Kevin Litten, Press SecretaryEmail: kevin.litten@la.gov  
Office: 225.219.3542

Tyler Allen, Communications StrategistEmail: tyler.allen@la.gov 
Office: 225.342.5275

Mindy Faciane, Public Information OfficerEmail: mindy.faciane@la.gov  
Office: 225.342.0152

Eli Melillo, Public Information OfficerEmail: elizabeth.melillo@la.gov 
Office: 225.342.9010

Margot McNeely, Digital Media ManagerEmail: margot.mcneely@la.gov