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COVID-19 Updates

The Louisiana Commission for the Deaf (LCD) understands the importance of clear communication when it comes to emergency preparedness and response. We have taken action throughout this pandemic to address concerns about the ability of the d/Deaf and DeafBlind communities to access the most up to date information about COVID-19. We will continue to update this page as more information becomes available. 


During the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it may not be safe to go to your doctor’s office. Your doctor may ask you to stay home and discuss your health through video conferencing, this is called “telehealth.” Even though your appointment is done virtually, your doctor must still provide you with an interpreter or captioning so you can understand your doctor during your appointment. For more information for both patients and providers, please visit


Additional Resources | 1-800-256-1523 | (VP): (225) 228-1203 | PO Box 3214, Baton Rouge, LA, 70821