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Interpreting Program

A qualified sign language interpreter is a professional trained to effectively communicate between spoken language and signed language. By law (the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, or ADA), state and local government agencies, businesses, and non-profit organizations that serve the public are required to provide communication services - such as interpreters - for people who are d/Deaf and hard of hearing. The Louisiana Commission for the Deaf (LCD) provides funding for limited interpreting services when resources are unavailable or the ADA is not applicable to ensure access to public and private services.

 Accessing Interpreting Services
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Interpreter Registry

In compliance with Louisiana Commission for the Deaf (LCD) statute RS 46:2351-2354 (Act 128, 2022) to “develop and maintain a registry of credentialed interpreters, including administrative guidelines for the registration process.”  The establishment of a centralized, easily accessible, searchable, registry for consumers and businesses will ultimately improve access to interpreter services for individuals who are d/Deaf, DeafBlind and hard of hearing (DDBHH) and will result in a clear and easy process for current and future interpreters to secure employment opportunities in the state. 


 Interpreter Registry

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ASL Interpreter and Public Informational Guide: 


Promoting Equity in Healthcare Interpreting Project (PEHI)

Are you a highly motivated ASL interpreter in Louisiana looking to develop or enhance your knowledge and skills to work effectively in healthcare settings?  If so, this project is for you! Louisiana Commission for the Deaf (LCD) is partnering with Idaho State for the Promoting Equity in Healthcare Interpreting Project (PEHI), a five-year Rehabilitation Services Administration grant-funded American Sign Language (ASL)/ English training. The purpose of the PEHI project is to advance opportunities for Deaf, DeafBlind, and hard-of-hearing patients to experience equitable healthcare by increasing the knowledge and effective communication skills of ASL/English interpreters.
  • Train interpreters to become specialists in healthcare interpreting through skill enhancement
  • Increase interpreters’ healthcare-specific knowledge
  • Promote best practices for over-video interpreting in healthcare settings
This cohort will consist of a maximum of five (5) ASL interpreters participating in the nationwide effort to increase the quality and quantity of ASL interpreters in the healthcare field. This project begins on April 15, 2024, and ends on December 30, 2024
To learn more about the PEHI or to apply please visit the links below: 

American Sign Language Interpreters (ASL) FAQS:

  • Find the FAQ about Working in Louisiana as an ASL Interpreter here.
  • Find the FAQ about Working as an ASL Interpreter in Educational Settings in state of Louisiana here
  • Watch the Public Forum about the new minimum qualification standards for Interpreters working in Educational setting here. 
  • For information on Interpreter Ad Hoc Public meetings, please visit here

The Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) also has a registry of interpreters that can be used to find an interpreter nation-wide. LCD recommends using RID’s Code of Professional Conduct as an appropriate standard of professionalism for working interpreters.

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